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About company

The CJSC "MPS engineering" is one of the most successful construction companies dealing with construction and reconstruction of industrial facilities, power facilities and commercial property. We strictly comply with our underlying principles, taking part in most challenging projects which enables our company to be in the forefront considering the matters of construction, safety and business ethics.


Our mission

At MPS engineering our highly qualified staff of almost 400 employees is focused on successful completion of construction projects as well as longstanding cooperation with our partners and clients. Each of us demonstrates great interest in the success of every project in which we are engaged. Much due to this fact we manage to follow high standards of performance, apply innovative technologies, and regularly improve the quality of management at our company. As a fast-growing company we are in the forefront of the construction industry and are capable of solving the most challenging tasks, delivering best decisions for our customers.


Our strategy

The priority direction of development for the company is power facilities construction. The ongoing development programs in different fields and the necessity to modernize these fields secure considerable volume of work in near future. At the same time the company will also participate in more traditional projects.


Our values

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • High standards
  • Integration
  • Mutual respect
  • Social responsibility


What we can do

Improving skills of our engineering and technical personnel, constant upgrading our stock of vehicles and equipment as well as applying innovative technologies makes it possible for the MPS engineering to:

Carry out fast and qualitative localized dismantling of buildings even in compact urban planning

To grind and sort out construction waste (for further recycling) immediately on a building site using advanced equipment. These measures accelerate operations, distinctly decrease cargo traffic and as a result considerably reduce negative impact on the environment

Equip new building sites, execute even the most complex foundation works, to erect frameworks (metal, prefabricated and solid) for buildings with any number of storeys

Carry out roofing, façade and interior finishing works using cutting edge technologies and latest building materials

Decrease material consumption and ensure fast construction process with unmatched quality.