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Mission: to reconstruct!

The scheme which ensures customer's loyalty includes reconstruction and innovation. This scheme is the guidepost for the leaders of construction field among which is CJSC MPS engineering. One of the most recent and ambitious projects in which the company participates is reconstruction of the livestock breeding complex for 60000 animal units. This is yet another crucial step in the development of the company.


The reconstruction of the abandoned complex was launched one year ago. However, there was no initial financing. The working out of design was accomplished with all technical specifications, applied for growing process in Denmark, taken into account. This technology was to be applied in the work of reconstructed livestock breeding complex.


Final project of the building presupposes the total area of 600 000 square meters, 15 blocks, one of them being accomplished and two more being under construction. The overall reconstruction of the complex is going to be accomplished in the second quarter of 2009. According to specialists the reconstruction of the complex and not the "green field" project was more preferable although it was more complex. To solve this task the company's specialists had to adopt the old building for the application of advanced technologies as otherwise they would have had to work in rather tough conditions. It was then that extensive experience and diverse stock of vehicles were of great help.


At the beginning, the whole project seemed to be very complex in terms of technology. This thought was not lasting for a long time-right to the moment when the reconstruction of the first block was completed. The number of vehicles used on the building site had been reduced three times by that time. Each of the rest blocks was being built in accordance with a well-designed scheme, worked-out by company's specialists. This scheme was full of fresh engineering solutions. Customized adjustable formwork was used to build some elements, for instance. Thanks to this, our specialists were able to accomplish works in due time and in accordance with high standards, set by the customer.


Few types of works were being carried out in the same block simultaneously. For example, dismantlement of concrete bed and erection of new elements of construction or reconstruction of water supply and sewerage system. In fact, the whole of infrastructure was completely redeveloped.


One of the most crucial elements was installation of internal climate system. Danish growing technology calls for a pinpoint precision as non-compliance will inevitably result in service problems later.


The reconstruction is under way! There is no question that the project will be completed in due time thanks to engineering solutions offered by MPS engineering. It goes without saying that even most complex projects can be carried out with the help of extensive experience, and MPS engineering is yet a living proof thereof.