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Test for stability

Constructor is a creative job

Since its foundation CJSC MPS engineering has been transformed into a highly diversified innovative business out of a small-scale one. Today the company employs more than 250 specialists. According to Director General Sergey Selishev, the company is constantly improving construction approach while delivering various design and architectural solutions. Applying innovative technologies makes it possible for the MPS engineering to decrease material consumption and ensure fast construction process with unmatched quality.


The company is fully equipped with the latest special support machinery and mechanisms necessary for carrying out gas industry and power industry projects, also projects for agriculture and processing industry. The total number of heavy-duty trucks is more than 20 pieces, over 70 pieces of construction equipment; also there is maintenance equipment and warehouses for construction materials.


Justified confidence

After having won a tender, processed by OJSC E4 group, for the construction and expansion works of the Krasnodar thermal power plant in December 2008, MPS engineering as a contractor, launched preparatory works. These works comprised: shifting lines of communication out of building site, land planning and open storage ground works, site preparation for construction of a new frame for CCGT-410, construction of temporary roads on the building site, full range of works on electrification of the building site by means of installing a transforming station. This was by all means the most large-scale investment project, carried out in the energy area, in the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation at that time.


The most complex and challenging part of the project was concrete foundation works for WHRU (waste heat recovery unit) of the main power-generating unit. "Foundation for WHRU is a unique construction element in our region" – says Director General-Sergey Selishev. The assembling of a reinforcement cage which weighed more than 83 tons and was 600 square meters in area took 15 days.


The placing of concrete was being carried out within 24 hours (total volume of 1576 cubic meters). Highest possible precision had to be followed during installation of anchorage support blocks: the allowable offset from design elevation was only 0,2 millimeters. All the necessary load calculations were performed by company's specialists. As a result, the suitable formwork type and way of fastening were implemented. Over 100 cables, 20 millimeters in diameter, were placed inside the foundation, devices linked together by means of a solid metal circuit and 100, 6-meter consolidation piles. In order to comply with set-up parameters advanced high-precision equipment was used to monitor the process. In other words, this task called for extensive experience, precision and professionalism.


At present we are working on the project and carrying out the whole range of construction works on administration building, boosting compressor station, circulation water supply system, ventilation cooling tower and main compressor station building.


Today MPS engineering is not only participating in the construction and expansion of the Krasnodar thermal power plant project but also in another large-scale project, that is construction of the largest in Krasnodar region International logistic center EurAsEC-Krasnodar.


"The main policy of our company lies in constant mastering of new activities and improving of the existing ones", - says Director General. MPS engineering is an authorized distributor of unique power-efficient equipment by SEELY INTERNATIONAL (Australia) in the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation. SEELY INTERNATIONAL is the world leader in production of climatic systems based on natural air-cooling principles. MPS engineering does not only sell and install these powerful direct drive evaporative ventilation systems which are used for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes, but also provides aftersales service of this equipment.


As Director General concluded, the company is ready to take up new construction projects anywhere in Russia, relying on the obtained experience and making full use of the materials and technologies it has.