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Industrial ventilation Breez Air

MPS engineering is an authorized distributor of unique power-efficient equipment by SEELY INTERNATIONAL (Australia) in the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation.

SEELY INTERNATIONAL is the world leader in production of climatic systems based on natural air- cooling principles. Since 1972 and to the present moment SEEELY INTERNATIONAL has been giving close attention to R&D and production development, which enables the company to produce world's most advanced equipment employing cutting-edge technologies.

This equipment can be used both in every-day life and in commercial and industrial facilities. Also, it can be used in agricultural projects. Company's products have been marked as the best in the sphere of air-conditioning in more than 70 countries. Many solutions and structural components used in the production of BREEZAIR coolers are patented by SEELY INTERNATIONAL.

This equipment is produced with close attention to ecology, safety and energy efficiency:

  • BREEZAIR coolers are much more cost-effective when compared to convection-based equipment (air conditioners, fan-coilers)
  • Dangerous refrigerants are not used because the whole system is based on natural principles of air-cooling that is evaporation of water
  • Thorough air circulation can be ensured by means of this equipment, which prevents stale air generation (the so-called sick building syndrome)

The main task of industrial ventilation irrespective of type of production process is to cope with high inflow of warm air, harmful vapors and gases, generated during production.

We are glad to present you equipment which has been designed to solve all these problems at minimum expense.

Live in harmony with the environment!

To find out more about our solutions please visit our web-sites:

Australia: www.breezair.com.au

Europe: www.seelyeurope.com

Russia: www.breezair.ucoz.ru